The team from Debonairs Pizza Emoyeni Mall has a very special Doughnation relationship with Buhle Besive Drop In Centre. For 3 years now, they have made bi-weekly visits to the centre to drop off Pizza flatbreads. On some occasions, they  have another special surprise for them, read more about that here

Buhle Besive Drop In Centre is an organisation that is passionate about taking care of less fortunate children in their community of Zwelisha. Many of the children who rely on the after-school centre are orphans who have been placed with relatives or community members who often don’t have all the means to properly care for an extra child.
That’s why, every Monday and Friday when the team from Debonairs Pizza Emoyeni Mall arrives, everyone at the centre is overjoyed. The  Pizza flatbreads that the team  provides go a long way in ensuring that vulnerable community members are well-fed.
But it’s not only the team from Debonairs Pizza Emoyeni Mall who makes this possible; it’s you too! Every time you visit Debonairs Pizza and order your faves, you enable us to do amazing things.