Through Doughnation, we are able to feed, care for and support vulnerable members within our local communities. When the national lockdown started, we knew that the impact on the needy would heighten. Now more than ever, we all need to come together and help where we can. That’s why even during this difficult time, Debonairs Pizza is Doughnation strong.

On a weekly basis, we bake fresh pizza flatbread and deliver it to charities and organisations that feed children, the elderly and families in need, but that’s not all… during lockdown we also donated groceries and provided PPE (sanitiser, soap and masks) to local schools. We lend a helping hand to the communities we serve in whatever way we can.

This is all made possible through your support and love for Debonairs Pizza. Every time you order from us, you help to fill tummies and support your community. Together, we make a difference in communities across Mzansi.