Debonairs Pizza Kabokweni Plaza is always Doughnation strong! As you’ve probably read before, they are a reliable source of regular support for Zwel Kids Club, but that’s not the only way they share the Doughnation spirit with their local community. On 21 September, they made a special visit to the Thobelas family in Nkohlakalo.
The Thobelas family is made up of 6 young women. The eldest is only 27 years old, but she’s taken up the responsibility of being a parent to her sisters. Of all the sisters, only one of the sisters has been able to find work and they have to rely on government grants to make ends meet.
The Kabokweni Plaza team surprised the 6 sisters with a generous Doughnation of 12.5kg maize meal, 5l cooking oil, 2kg sugar, tea bags, tinned fish, soups, washing powder and even some cosmetics so that they could feel pampered.
Thanks to the Kabokweni and Nkohlakalo communities for your support. Every time you order Debonairs Pizza, you’re contributing to Doughnations like this one.