Debonairs Pizza Kabokweni Plaza is one of our most prolific Doughnators. Whether they’re helping out at the Zwel Kids Club or recognising their local police service, their generous spirit is genuinely inspiring. 
This time they visited the Bethesda organisation in their local community of Kabokweni. Every Monday to Friday the organisation provides cooked meals and a safe place for kids to play after school. So the team decided to lend a helping hand. 
They arrived at the centre with burgers made from Doughnation flatbread, juice and a whole lot of clothing for the kids. Everybody was so thankful for the kind gesture. 
Special thanks go out to the community of Kabokweni. Thanks to you and your support for Debonairs Pizza Kabokweni Plaza, we get to carry on making a difference with Doughnation.