Debonairs Pizza Elspark did two Doughnation drives to help feed the elderly in their community.
Their first stop was the Graceland Old Age Home. Here they planned to provide food, vegetable and fruit baskets to 50 pensioners. As they readied themselves to do their delivery, a message came through that another 14 pensioners needed their help.  So the team quickly packed a couple more baskets so everyone could share in the Doughnation joy.
Their next stop was the Kowa Pienaar Old Age Home where they wanted to treat the staff and residents to 82 Pizzas and cold drinks. At the last minute they found out that one of the residents had a birthday coming up and it wasn’t a small one either. This Gogo was turning 100! Without thinking twice the team bought a present, some flowers and even topped a rainbow celebration cake with 100 candles. This made the day truly special for an amazing Gogo.
Clearly nothing phases the Debonairs Pizza Elspark team. You guys are taking amazing to a whole new level!