Varsity Sports Football is over and it was a thrilling season! The top 8 University football teams from across the country battled it out for the honour to be crowned champions of Varsity Sports Football. 

After 8 rounds of matches, the final two teams, UP- TUKS & TUT, clashed in a titanic game dubbed the “Thriller in Tshwane”. It was a grueling spectacle that left the fans screaming for more and the teams exhausted. Both sides played their hearts out and gave it their all, but there could only be one victor. Congratulations to UP – Tuks! UP – Tuks played their best game from the beginning and continued to show amazing teamwork throughout the tournament. 

Every team, plus the coaches and support staff, should be proud of their achievements and dedication to the beautiful game. Debonairs Pizza is proud to be a sponsor of such great talent and solid teamwork. We look forward to seeing all the varsity football teams at next season’s action-packed competition.