Debonairs Pizza is known for creating delicious, innovative and cheesy pizzas. Our cheese is sourced from a local community dairy in the Eastern Cape called the Famous Brands Cheese Company. We get all our special mozzarella and cream cheese from this cheese plant.
The Famous Brands Cheese Company is a partnership between Famous Brands and Coega Dairy. The shareholders of Coega Dairy are 13 dairy farmers (61%) and the Empowerment Trust (39%). The beneficiaries of the trust are six community owned dairy farms (which provide more than 20% of the milk to the Famous Brands Cheese Company), the factory employees and the farm workers.  This directly benefits the surrounding communities who are empowered and uplifted through the trust. Not only is the Famous Brands Cheese Company economically valuable to the people of Coega, it is also ecologically sustainable. The factory has all the latest green technology to ensure that there is minimal impact on the environment and that the quality of production is eco-friendly.
Over 500 000kg of cheese are produced monthly at the cheese plant! That’s a massive amount and this number will continue to rise as the factory expands. Debonairs Pizza is proud to be the company’s single biggest customer and we will continue to support the plant as it grows. The Famous Brands Cheese Company makes wonderful cheese so we can keep giving you AMAZING pizza.