On the weekend of 7 November, the Kabokweni Debonairs Pizza staff noticed a cloud of smoke from a fire that broke out at a nearby sawmill in Ngodini.

Knowing that many of the Kabokweni customers are employed at the mill, the Debonairs Pizza restaurant staff and management was naturally worried about the fire taking place. Two fire engines were called to the scene and at least one helicopter also arrived to assist in fighting the blaze.
Once the fire fighters had everything under control, The Debonairs Pizza Kabokweni restaurant invited the Firefighting team to come for a well-deserved lunch at the Debonairs Pizza restaurant.
The firefighters were very thrilled by the restaurant lunch offer.
It was a pleasure having the local firefighters enjoy an ice cold drink and a hot and fresh Debonairs Pizza as a thank you for the hard work they had put in to saving the Mill.
Thank you to the amazing team from Debonairs Pizza Kabokweni, in their generosity and giving back to their local heroes