On 8 May 2019, South Africa celebrated 25 years of democracy by exercising their right to vote. Across the country, IEC officials and almost 200 000 volunteers were involved in running the elections. From early in the morning to the late hours of the night, the volunteers worked hard to ensure South Africans have free and fair elections.
As a proudly South African brand, Debonairs Pizza lent a helping hand by sponsoring an amazing meal for the IEC officials and volunteers while they counted more than 17.6 million votes. At Debonairs Pizza stores throughout the country, teams prepared large pizzas. Then our delivery men hopped on their scooters and delivered pizzas and cooldrink to officials at 167 counting stations!
Debonairs Pizza is proud to have supported the people who ensured that we have free and fair elections. Thank you to the IEC for delivering an amazing election.