Debonairs Pizza is a proud sponsor of Varsity Football, an annual sporting event held between the top universities in South Africa, which acts as a competitive platform for teams to shine and where soccer stars in the making emerge. The event this year takes place between 20 July and 24 September 2015.
Debonairs Pizza and Varsity Sports gives Varsity Football teams huge media coverage and unparalleled exposure via a five year broadcast agreement with SuperSport.
As a food and lifestyle brand, Debonairs Pizza unites people over a scrumptious meal.  As a sponsor of Varsity Football, the brand brings together students, local communities and the general public, bonding all these groups in their shared passion for sport and entertainment. Furthermore, one of the main benefits of this sponsorship is the publicity that’s given to these young athletes, which is all part of a strong sports development drive.
Debonairs Pizza and Varsity Sports is dedicated to the creation of amazing moments on the sports field as well as memories that will live in the minds of both the players and the fans for years to come. So join us at one of these high-octane matches or watch it on SuperSport.  It’s going to be an amazing world-class experience you won’t want to miss!
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