The partnership will marry the world’s largest gaming hub, IGN; two of the top local professional gaming teams, Sinister 5 and White Rabbit; as well as the Arcade X tournament platform to explore gaming and gaming content which has become a notable passion point for many consumers. The objective of the partnership is to engage with this rapidly growing sector of consumers, by adding value to them through sponsoring tournaments and generating local content, thus entrenching its position as a key player and contributor to the gaming economy.
“This is a huge step for a brand that is not related to gaming or gaming technology. It does however illustrate their understanding of gaming as a lifestyle that has broken the barrier from a tiny niche to a legitimate mainstream way of life”, says Gareth Woods, Managing Director at Good Game Well Played – gaming marketing specialists.
Debonairs Pizza has always been a “tech forward” fast food company, being the first to introduce tech innovations such online ordering and the Debonairs Pizza app to South Africa, so the move into the always-online, tech hungry world of gaming is not as foreign as some may think. Debonairs Pizza understands the growing importance of gaming as a passion point for consumers and sees the convenience of their online ordering and free delivery offer as a natural fit with the gaming lifestyle.  Debonairs Pizza seeks to add value to both the most casual and avid gamer by creating bespoke content, in collaboration with two professional gaming organisations, White Rabbit Gaming and Sinister 5 – to engage with gamers on their passion and in some cases, their profession.
According to a recent PWC report gaming has shown consistent growth in South Africa, boasting a 6% YOY growth, with 8% YOY (equating to R53-million) in the gaming development sector. In totality, there are 1.6-million connected console gamers, with 39% as professional gamers earning an average of R30 000 – R50 000 and 22% earning over R50 000 monthly. On average, console gamers enjoy 10 hours of uninterrupted gaming a week with 91% spending more than R2 500 a month on gaming.
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Notes to editor:
About Debonairs Pizza
Founded by two students in 1991, Debonairs Pizza pioneered the home delivery concept in South Africa. Having grown rapidly to a formidable footprint of over 650 restaurants, it is now the leading pizza franchise in Africa.
The brand owes much of its success to its philosophy of innovation and dedication to providing consumers with the ultimate convenience.  In line with this imperative, Debonairs Pizza was the first to introduce free delivery and online ordering in South Africa. To ensure their customers received the hottest and freshest pizzas, the brand developed their unique Hot or Not Dot and Acutemp delivery bags.  Understanding the generous and sharing nature of their market, they single-handedly changed the meaning of pizza with speciality pizza innovations like the Triple-Decker®, Double-Stack®, Crammed-Crust® and Cram-Decker™
Debonairs Pizza’s brand mantra is to give consumers what they want, when, how and where they want it.  So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends or family, lounging on the couch watching TV or immersed in a 48 hour online gaming marathon, just pull out your phone, order your free delivery using the Debonairs Pizza mobile app and Try Something Amazing.
About Detonator Media Group
Detonator positions brands in the digital world by leveraging technology-based platforms such as in-game advertising, gaming media, content marketing, audio and streaming services and influencer
marketing platforms. Detonator is a specialist in working with brands to connect and engage into the gaming world.
About GGWP
Established in 2016, Good Game Well Played (GGWP) is a collaboration between HYH and Gareth Woods, a leading influencer within the gaming and esports arenas. GGWP seeks to create content and marketing opportunities based on influencer research to connect brands to their consumers and major influencers, and amplify this connection, all in the exciting realm of gaming esports.
About IGN
IGN is the leading internet media company focused on the video game and entertainment enthusiast markets. IGN reaches more than 170 million monthly users globally, with a local reach of 500,000.
About Arcade X
Arcade X is an online platform allowing gamers to play tournaments across a variety of titles from the latest and biggest esport titles as well as dozens of free to play games across all platforms - PC, console and mobiles. The platform allows brands to sponsor a plethora of different tournament types such leagues or knock outs.
About White Rabbit
White Rabbit Gaming is a registered, competitive esports organisation and is passionate about its players as well as the titles it participate in.  The company values and mission are grounded in growing esports in South Africa as well as promoting players locally and internationally.
White Rabbit Gaming (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Alwyn “SwiTch” Venter with Martin “SwithiN” Beukes and Wayne "Edski" Edwards joining later as co-owners.  The owners are all passionate gamers who have a heart for the community and a vision of growing esports and it’s participants in South Africa with the aim of competing abroad with the world’s best players.
The organisation currently have professional teams for CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty (console), PUBG and Overwatch with an entire community of over 300 casual gamers, as we believe building a community with similar beliefs and interests is the key to success. The brand has a very successful history of achievements having defended its title as Dota 2 champions since 2016 with an unbroken winning streak into 2018. The brand has also represented South African gaming in Dubai, China and in various online tournaments locally as well as abroad.
Some of their players include:
WRG Dota 2 (Premier)     
Wesley “oDu” Rose
Nicholas “Schlinks” Dammert
WRG CS:GO (Premier)      
Willie  “Consp1racy “ van Graan
Gavin  “rMp” Nelson
Peter “Trogie” Kirov
Richard “Maniaq” Brown
Michael “Crucial” Bishop
WRG COD (Premier)        
Max “Koala” Lipawsky     
Reuben “Scara” Lipawsky
Keegan “Sharpie” Sharp 
Juan “Beats”         VDW
Aidan “zero” Urquhart
WRG PUBG (Premier)       
Clintin         “AimlessRSA” Riddell      
Sean   “x_Godfather_x” Mumford        
WRG Overwatch (Premier)        
Christopher  “Thebarnical” England    
Kimberly “Kimbo” Brady
Wayne “Visions” Short
Andries “Jo3b” Burger
Jared “DarkVagician” Lee
Shaun          “Patches” Whitaker        
Juan Claude “Xplosiv” Oosthuyse        
Dean  “Lumi” Stander
WRG - Female Teams                         
WRG CSGO (Premier)       
Ashley         “BrinkeR” Groves 
Meagan “Queen” Macvicar       
Megan         “M3gzz” Van Der Westhuizen    
Bernice “MisTyBunz” Botha
Nicky “Niiq” Muller
About Sinister 5
Sinister5 is a leading South African multi-gaming organization best defined by a drive to succeed in the competitive landscape and a focus on our fans. It is our belief that this philosophy of investment into our players along with engaging with our fans in positive and meaningful ways are essential building blocks that drive our success in South African esports.
Sinister5 fields highly successful and ambitious players who compete in CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, FIFA 18, and PUBG. Within just two short years Sinister5 has risen from competing in lower divisions of South African esports to now competing at the highest levels in the country across our supported titles.
Some of their players include
Dota2 Team
Tristan "Aghanim" Kiefer
Adam "Adastam" Moore
Dennis "DotA-and-Die" Connellan
Tertius "Traxion" de Bruin
Dirk "skynet)(" van Velden
Carl "Carl" Beckerling
Ryan "Azi" De Oliveira Bastos
Dylan "dyvo" Vorster
Dean "HackeM" Seyfried
James ‘zerOch4Nce’ Wijnberg
Anton "Rogue" van Dyk
Christian "dada" Jonker
Nikola /Terios/ Radevic
Andrew "Shepard" Richardson
Leslie “UnKnowNzz” Greenwood