Johannesburg, South Africa, 11th of March 2019 – Off the back of their successful partnership with local esports organisations; White Rabbit Gaming and Sinister 5 in 2018, Debonairs Pizza is proud to announce that not only will they be continuing their relationship with these two teams, but they will also be partnering with Goliath Gaming and Ekasi Esports in March 2019.

Debonairs Pizza started their journey into gaming in 2018 hosting casual tournaments and sponsoring prizes on mobile as part of Arcade X. In addition to this, they sponsored well-known esports teams; Sinister 5 and White Rabbit Gaming, keeping their players well fed during the build-up to their tournaments.

In 2019 Debonairs Pizza is looking to grow further in this space by reaching out to other teams in esports as well as sponsoring the recently announced ACGL tournaments (with R10,000 in monthly prizes available).

The partnership seeks not only to make sure the teams are well fed during their boot camps this year, but also to help expose more people to what goes on behind the scenes with some of the professional esports teams in South Africa.

“Whether you’re a casual gamer or want to play competitively, whether you play at home or in a professional team, we wanted to add value to gamers everywhere with tournaments, content and of course the convenience of delicious Debonairs Pizza, so you don’t have to stop gaming for even a second” – Toni Joubert- Debonairs Pizza Marketing Executive.

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About the partners:

About Debonairs Pizza

Founded by two students in 1991, Debonairs Pizza pioneered the home delivery concept in South Africa. Having grown rapidly to a formidable footprint of over 650 restaurants, it is now the leading pizza franchise in Africa.

The brand owes much of its success to its philosophy of innovation and dedication to providing consumers with the ultimate convenience.  In line with this imperative, Debonairs Pizza was the first to introduce free delivery and online ordering in South Africa. To ensure their customers received the hottest and freshest pizzas, the brand developed their unique Hot or Not Dot and Acutemp delivery bags.  Understanding the generous and sharing nature of their market, they single-handedly changed the meaning of pizza with speciality pizza innovations like the Triple-Decker®, Double-Stack®, Crammed-Crust® and Cram-Decker™.

Debonairs Pizza’s brand mantra is to give consumers what they want, when, how and where they want it.  So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends or family, lounging on the couch watching TV or immersed in a 48 hour online gaming marathon, just pull out your phone, order your free delivery using the Debonairs Pizza mobile app and Try Something Amazing.

About Sinister 5

Sinister5 is a competitive South African Multi-Gaming Organization. Their aim is to nurture talented local players and provide them with a platform which enables them to succeed. They are driven by the passion and unity of our management,   players and supporters. Sinister 5 are the Current VS Gaming Masters Dota 2 Champions

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About White Rabbit Gaming

White Rabbit Gaming (PTY) Ltd. is a registered, competitive eports organisation (Reg Nr 2015/316623/07) and are passionate about its players as well as the titles it participates in.  The company values and mission are grounded in growing esports in South Africa as well as promoting players locally and internationally.

White Rabbit Gaming (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2010 by passionate gamers who have a heart for the community and a vision of growing esports and it’s participants in South Africa with the aim of competing abroad with the world’s best players

The brand currently has professional teams for CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty (console), League of Legends and PUBG with a massive community of casual gamers, as the belief is that building a community with similar beliefs and interests is the key to success.

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About Goliath Gaming

Goliath Gaming is a South African Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO) which was founded in June 2017. Goliath Gaming competes in five competitive titles namely: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2), Overwatch, StarCraft and FIFA. GG was named one of Fast Company South Africa’s Most Innovative Companies in 2017 and is involved in numerous projects outside of the competitive gaming space. GG is home to some of SA’s top gaming talent who has represented SA on the world stage (including the FIFA eWorld Cup Global Series Qualifiers in Amsterdam 2018 and the World Electronic Sports Games in China 2019) and has a fan base of legends who are known as the #GGarmy.

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About Ekasi Esports

Ekasi Esports is a multi-gaming organization that fields professional players (esports) who compete locally and internationally. Our current roster consists of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) team, FIFA and Tekken players.

Their vision is to be the biggest and most prominent esports organisation in South Africa and globally, while their mission is to foster active participation of the youth through gaming adjacent to world-class competitive esports lifestyle.

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